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Breakwall Construction on Blockhouse Island

ca. 1910


The two photographs you see here were taken about the same time. The views are easy enough to identify, but, otherwise, the date is currently unknown. Each picture has a gentleman in a dark overcoat. The form work for holding the concrete is still in place on part of the new wall but at different stages of completion.

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Aside from the details in the foreground, this photograph is interesting for the details in the background. The majority of the dark buildings would be the complex known as the James Smart Manufacturing Company. Also visible about the middle is a yacht that looks like the “Magedoma” owned by the Fulford Family.

Source: These photographs turned up as a couple of small snapshots in a box of old pictures in the house at 35 Garden St and 24 Pine St. for many years the home of the late Dr. Jack W. McDougall and his wife Edna. This was also the home of physician Dr. Charles M.B. Cornell and afterwards of his daughter Geraldine and son-in-law Dr. Hezekiah A. Clark who was a dentist and a provincial Member of Parliament. Thanks again to the McDougall family for the use of these pictures.