Brockville’s Main Downtown Intersection – King and Court House

King Street West & Court House Ave. [ or Broad St.]


[click on any photograph to enlarge it]


The Dunham Block

47-51 King St. W. [south side] at Broad St.

built 1892-93

photo taken about 1895

Tenants in 1903:

Robert Wright & Co., dry goods,   Canada Life Assurance Co.,   H.A. Stewart, barrister,   C.C. Fulford, barrister,   London Life Insurance Co.,   Bell Telephone Co. of Canada Ltd.,   The Capsuloid Co., Metropolitan Life Insurance Co.,   William Shearer, district manager, North American Life Assurance Co.,   Robert Craig, hats and furs,   and Mrs. Eliza Davies (wid. Ransom).


The Jones-Harding Building

41-45 King St. W [south side] at Broad St.

built 1832, but extensively renovated in 1904

photo taken in the 1950s

Tenants at that time:

Carrick’s English China Shop,    Bank of Nova Scotia,  Public School Inspector’s Office,   Leeds Advertising Specialties,   London Life Insurance Co.,   and Mrs. Mabel Taylor.


The Fulford Block

54, 56 King St. W. and 2, 4 Court House Ave.

originally built 1889 – Gutted by fire in 1916 & then rebuilt.

photo taken about 1895

Tenants in 1903:

H.B. Wright & Co., confectioners,   F.R. Curry, druggist,   S.J. Kilpatrick, general agent, Mutual Life Assurance Co. of Canada,   Hutcheson & Fisher, barristers,   J. Albert Page, barrister,   Dr. Williams Medicine Co,   G.T. Fulford & Co.,   W.F. Dever & Co., stock brokers,   Elmer W. Jones, barrister,   Willis Coates, wholesale jeweller,   Brockville Business College,   William J.R. Gill, caretaker,   The Metropolitan Bank,   McNaughton & Shirreff, insurance,   Grand Trunk Ticket Office,   GNW Telegraph Co.,   and the Canadian Express Co.


The Bank of Toronto

48-52 King St. W. [north side] and 3 Court house Ave.

built ca.1921-22

photo taken about 1925

Tenants in 1928:

Bank of Toronto,   Parish & Fitzpatrick, barristers,   Woodrow & Mallory, dentists.


View of King St. W. [looking westerly]

photo taken about 1915


View up Court House Ave [looking north from King St.]

photo taken about 1905 during the May Day Parade


Court House Ave. [looking north from King St.]

photo taken in 1928


King St. W. [looking easterly]

photo taken about 1936


[click on any photograph to enlarge it]


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  • christina chatham  On 28 October 2008 at 11:28 am

    I really like your picture. My name is christina chatham i was born in brockville and have always been fasinated with our history and all history for that matter My Grandmother was born and raised in brockville and has never lived no more then 25 miles from there she was raised on st.andrew st across from the beer store and now she lives on st.andrew behind the chip store she has amazing pics and knows alot of history of brockville and is filled with stories. I am trying to get stuff documented for her for we dont lose this wealth of history she can supply me and i would like to know how to start this project

    • Doug Grant  On 28 June 2015 at 11:46 am

      for Christine Chatham : — I don’t know if you have joined our new Facebook page ‘Historic Brockville’. I don’t see your name listed. Here is the link: –

  • A D Tom  On 13 September 2011 at 2:01 pm

    Mr Grant,

    Thank you very much for posting such wonderful antique photographs of the rail yard in Brockville. I live in Ottawa where the useful rail system (train and tramway) had been removed about a decade before I was born.

    I am grateful that you wish to share history, unlike the ‘politicians’ who decided to remove such reliable infrastructure and the heritage surrounding it all….

    I am a HO scale train modeler in the rough, looking for photos of the beautiful era of steam to kitbash into recreated (fantasy) reality on my layout.

    Kudos for such a grand photo album.

    A D Tom

    • Doug Grant  On 13 September 2011 at 7:08 pm

      Tuesday, SEPT. 13, 2011


      Thank you for your kind comments on my web site.

      I am glad you could find something to use in my photos.

      The best part of the Brockville rail structure these days is the Brockville Railway Tunnel.

      Are you familiar with that? Your layout could use a good tunnel, maybe.

      You might check out my tunnel page on my personal web site. This is the link. The Brockville Railway Tunnel

      Good luck with your model rail layout.

      Doug Grant

    • Doug Grant  On 28 June 2015 at 11:35 am

      For A.D. Tom : — Perhaps you would like to join our new Facebook group site called : ‘Railways of Brockville & Area’ and contribute any information you would like to make to the group. —

  • Laird Sherwood  On 3 April 2012 at 9:01 pm

    Wonderful! My dad, Harman Sherwood, was manager of the Bank of Nova Scotia, King & Broad, 1951 – 1960s. He also was a founding father of the YMCA. I attended BCIVS 1951 – 1956 where my history/geography teacher was Doug Grant. Any connection?? Being a railway buff, the pix are fantastic. Don McQueen, another railway buff, has drawn a map of the lines in Brockville. He lives in London, ON. His father was a mathematics teacher at BCI. Bye-the-way, I have walked through the tunnel and have a model of CPR 3011 mogul which used to service the creamery, Reynolds coal, Canada Steam Ship Lines freight sheds and the pickle works on Blockhouse Island. The old station was long gone by 1951 as was the B&W station on Church Street. Hydro poles were stored on the property in the early 50s. Phillips Electric was still receiving box car loads of copper ingots and shipping wire and cable. CN serviced the creamery at the corner of N. Augusta Rd. & Pearl St. Manitoba Yard back of the golf course, was used to store CN rolling stock and a coaling station for steam engines in the 1950s. Very little locomotive maintenance was being done in Brockville by 1950. My family used to live in the old road house on the Hardy estate(King St. E.).
    Thanks for your efforts to keep the history of Brockville alive.

  • lenn Liston King  On 29 August 2012 at 3:02 pm

    Hi Doug,

    My father’s father was Owen Eugene Liston (O.E. Liston). With your access to such wonderful old photos, might you have come across a photo of O.E. Liston, the architect of so many buildings in Brockville?????

    I don’t have a single photo of him and would love to have one. Please look for me.

    Glenn Liston King

    • Doug Grant  On 28 June 2015 at 11:42 am

      for Glenn Liston King : — you might be interested that I have just posted on Facebook the photograph that you sent me a while ago of your Grandfathers house in Brockville. Our new Facebook group site is called: — ‘Historic Brockville’ — You might want to join us and contribute some information to the posting about the ‘O.E. Liston House’. — Doug Grant

  • Amanda Dixie  On 30 July 2015 at 12:48 pm

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos capturing our history; past and present.

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